Claire Frances

Director, Center for Language and Culture Learning
Web Manager, DWLLC

Claire holds a Master's degree in French Literature. She taught writing and French for many years before becoming the Director of the CLCL in 2019. Her interests include learning space design, instructional technologies, and peer education. She is working on developing opportunities for teaching and learning language and culture through cooking as well as incorporating the Global Seal of Biliteracy to help students earn a credential for their language learning. She oversees the Directed Independent Language Study (DiLS) program, the Spanish Speaking and Writing Center, and the Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program. She's the President-elect of the Midwest Association of Language Learning and Technology (MWALLT).


  • Director of Center for Language and Culture Learning
  • head of Spanish Speaking, Writing, and Conversation Center (121 PH)
  • supervises CLCL staff
  • manages DWLLC websites
  • Directed Independent Language Learning (DiLs)¬†
  • contact for FLTA program
  • operationalizes DWLLC strategic initiatives
  • event planning¬†
Claire Frances

116B Phillips Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States