Each department or program in the Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has cultivated resources specific to their program. For specific resources from one of these departments or programs or to learn how to become a Student Ambassador, please visit the following pages:

American Sign Language Resources Asian and Slavic Resources French and Italian Resources German Resources


Promotional Materials Request Form - for students, faculty, and staff associated with the Division who request assistance in promoting events, courses, lectures, or other promotional needs
Funding Request Form (Events and Travel) - for students, faculty, and staff associated with the Division or departmental funds
Room Reservation Policy and Room Reservation Form
Key Check Out Policy Form - for faculty and staff who will be checking out a key for long-term use 
CLAS Travel Approval Form - for faculty and teaching assistants who may be traveling during the academic year

Building Resources

Below are some common tasks that our DWLLC main office can assist you with and how we will respond. Please allow at least 48 hours for any print/copy/scanning requests and at least 24 hours for other requests via email.

Faculty Requests DWLLC Staff Response
Scanning/Photocopying Requests for Student Workers Please leave any scanning/photocopying requests in the designated bin in the PH main office (bin by copier). 
Outgoing Mail Please place your outgoing mail (including campus mail) directly in the outgoing mail bins in the Phillips Hall mailroom (101 PH). 
Printing/Scanning/Photocopying on your own Should use copy rooms in 408 PH, 550 PH, 664 PH. If does not meet need, email dwllc-frontdesk@uiowa.edu.
Access to Office Supplies Please email dwllc-frontdesk@uiowa.edu if you need office supplies, and we will place them in your mailbox. If you come to the main office for supplies, please ask front desk for assistance.
Meetings with Division Director or Other Staff Please email Lynette Williams (lynette-williams@uiowa.edu) to schedule meetings with Division Director.  Email staff directly to request meetings. 
Room Reservation Requests for Phillips Hall Conference Rooms Please read the DWLLC Room Reservation Policy and Room Reservation Form above to review our room reservation policy and access the workflow request form. 
Office Hours Please list your office hours (mode/availability) on your ICON course page.  Contact the CLCL for assistance on editing your course page if needed. (There is no longer any need to email the Front Desk with your drop-in hours/office hours information.)
Academic Advising Appointments Students should email Tiffany Phillips (or their academic advisor) to request an appointment.
Events Calendar Please consult this guideline for putting your events on the campus calendar/your website: 


For Copy Room issues, toner replacement, or more paper, please email dwllc-frontdesk@uiowa.edu.

For IT support, please email dwllc-help@uiowa.edu.

For building maintenance issues, please email dwllc-frontdesk@uiowa.edu.

Phillips Hall Building Protocols

  • Wearing of face masks and social distancing is encouraged while in DWLLC Main Office and DWLLC shared spaces (conference rooms, break rooms, copy rooms). 
  • If you would like to post “Face Masks Encouraged” and “Social Distancing Encouraged” signage for your offices, you can find signage at: https://coronavirus.uiowa.edu/returning-work/signage-flyers-and-communication-guides.
  • Cleaning Protocols: Please dispose of all food trash in the hallway trash bins, and regularly empty your mini recycle bins into the larger recycle bins in the hallway.  Please throw away any used face masks in trash bins.
  • For more further guidance related to COVID-19, visit: https://coronavirus.uiowa.edu.  
  • (Non-Social Distancing Related)  Building Protocols:
    • Please keep the entrance way into your office clear of obstructions (no chairs, furniture, etc. should be within the swing-way of the door). 
    • Do not place any items on top of or too close to the heating/cooling units in your office.
    • When hanging up posters inside your office or on your door, please only use scotch tape and loop the tape on the back the poster to protect the walls/doors.  Permanent installation of wall coverings is not permitted.
    • Outside furniture (couches, refrigerators, etc.) is not permitted inside of your PH office. 
    • If you notice any damage to your office (i.e. a ceiling leak or overhead ceiling light out), please email DWLLC Front Desk (dwllc-frontdesk@uiowa.edu).
  • Iowa One Card/Building Access:  Phillips Hall will be open during regular business hours (Our schedule is: Monday through Thursday 7:30am-10pm and Friday through Sunday 7:30am-5:00pm.  The building will be locked on home football days for Fall 2021.).  If you would like to enter the building after hours, you will need to use your Iowa One Card (access entry point outside of south stairwell and accessible entrance by north stairwell).  If you have not used your Iowa One Card to enter the building within the past academic year and it does not work, you may need to get a new card.  https://idcard.uiowa.edu/iowa-one-card.  
  • Building Safety:
    • Please lock up your office when it is not in use.  For Phillips Hall shared spaces (Copy Rooms, Breakrooms, Conference Rooms), please keep these spaces locked to prevent theft/unauthorized visitors.  Your ENT key should unlock these shared spaces if you need to use them. 
    • Staying late in Phillips Hall?  Contact Public Safety if you have any issues or need late night assistance to your vehicle or a ride home.  For immediate emergencies, call 911.

The Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures is in no way responsible for, nor has control of, the content of any external websites nor do we endorse any commercial products, services or websites. You should always research any opportunity thoroughly.