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Faculty in the Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures are active in their areas of specialization. Departments in our Division are committed to fostering an environment where research and creative activity thrive; research takes our students and faculty across the globe in the pursuit of scholarly engagement. Here you will find a sampling of our faculty's recent publications, exemplifying our committment to active engagement.


Recent Books by Faculty:

The Rise of Euroskepticism: Europe and Its Critics in Spanish Culture

Author(s): Luis Martin-Estudillo

Covering from 1915 to the present, this book deals with the role that artists and intellectuals have played regarding projects of European integration.


Recent Articles by Faculty:

Konturen Cover

[it] shakes my whole breathing being: Rethinking Gender with Translation in Anne Carson’s “A Fragment of Ibykos Translated Six Ways”

Author: Adrienne K. Ho Rose

Konturen, Volume 10: Re-thinking Gender in Reading, (2019): 126-151.

Apostrophe's Double

Apostrophe's Double

Author: Sabine I. Gölz

Konturen, Volume 10: Re-thinking Gender in Reading, (2019): 22-53.

celluloid chains

Unshackling the Ocean: Screening Affect and Memory in Guy Deslauriers’s Passage du Milieu~The Middle Passage

Author: Anny Curtius

Celluloid Chains: Slavery in the Americas through Film, edited by Rudyard J. Alcocer, Kristen Block, & Dawn Duke, University of Tennessee Press, 2018, pp. 121-146.

Reimagining North African immigration

Narrativizing foreclosed history in ‘postmemorial’ fiction of the Algerian war in France: October 17, 1961, a case in point

Author: Michel Laronde

Reimagining North African immigration. Identities in flux in French literature, television, and film, (Edited by Véronique Machelidon & Patrick Saveau, Manchester UP, 2018), 134-152


Journal of Pragmatics


On the interpretation and processing of exhaustivity: Evidence of variation in English and French clefts

Author(s): Emilie Destruel Johnson, Joseph DeVeaugh-Geiss

Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 138, December 2018, Pages 1-16.

The French Review

Etat présent du XVIIe siècle

Author(s): Roland Racevskis with co-authors Russell Ganim, Nicholas Paige, Volker Schröder, Eric Turcat, and Ellen Welch

French Review 91.2 (December 2017): 13-34.