DWLLC Committees

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Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Committees: 

Committee Name Charge 2021-2022 Membership
DWLLC Interdisciplinary Initiatives Committee

The immediate task of this committee is to organize a panel discussion this semester connected to the overarching theme of the white paper—critical global literacies.

Sabine Golz (German and CL)
Kathleen Newman (S&P)
Adrienne Rose (CL, TRNS, and Classics)
Kendall Heitzman (ASLL)
Irene Lottini (F&I)

DWLLC Curriculum Committee

This committee would be charged with identifying best practices to develop and sustain interdisciplinary and/or team teaching within the Division.

Kendra Strand (ASLL)
Elke Heckner (German)
Jan Steyn (TRNS and F&I)
Janelle Legg (ASL)
Horacio Castellanos (S&P)
Jenna Miller (DWLLC)

DWLLC Building and Space Committee This committee serves as building advocates and provided recommendations for space usage and general facility needs throughout the building, primarily to Division assigned spaces.

Becca Tritten (DWLLC Admin/Chair)
Rosie Santo Domingo (Building Coordinator)
Claire Frances (CLCL)
Alejandro Perez Belda (3rd floor)
Cris Lira (4th floor)
Cinzia Blum (5th floor)
Becca Clark (6th floor)

DWLLC Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to consult with faculty, students, and staff and to advise the Director regarding Division activities. The Executive Committee meets at least monthly to advise the Director on Division administration; proposals related to academic goals of the Division; issues brought to the Executive Committee by units or faculty in the Division; requests that involve Division resources that are submitted by individual units, including faculty lines and physical space allocation; resolution of matters presented by individual members of the faculty, staff, or student body that affect more than one unit; collegiate review processes; and use of facilities and space.


2020-2021 Membership

Jill Beckman (Interim DWLLC Director and Chair of Committee)

Ana Rodríguez-Rodríguez (Interim DEO, French and Italian)

Aron Aji (Director, Literary Translation)

Becca Tritten (DWLLC Administrator)

Rebecca Clark (ASL rep)

Christine Shea (Departmental rep, Spanish and Portuguese)

Cinzia Blum (Departmental rep, French and Italian)

Claire Frances (Manager, Center for Language and Culture Learning)

Denise Filios (DEO, Spanish and Portuguese)

Helen Shen (Interim DEO, Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Yumiko Nishi (Departmental rep, Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Kirsten Kumpf-Baele (Departmental rep, German)

Mercedes Niño-Murcia (Interim DEO, Linguistics)

Rosie Santo Domingo (Operations Specialist/minutes)

Sabine Golz (Program rep, Comparative Literature)

Waltraud Maierhofer (Interim DEO, German)


DWLLC Committee on Pedagogy and Instructional Innovation

The charge of the committee is to find ways to share methodological expertise across the Division. The Outcomes Assessment report underscores the overall effectiveness of the teaching and learning going on in our unit, but also points out that there are multiple ways to learn from each other and that more collaboration is necessary in order to tackle issues related to placement, proficiency, and learning experiences outside the classroom such as cultural events and study abroad.

Giovanni Zimotti (Spanish CLAS Core/Chair)
Bruce Nottingham-Spencer (German)
Sang-Seok Yoon (ASLL)
Emilie Destruel Johnson (F&I)
Claire Frances (CLCL)
Sandra Anderson (ASL)