DWLLC Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to consult with faculty, students, and staff and to advise the Director regarding Division activities. The Executive Committee meets at least monthly to advise the Director on Division administration; proposals related to academic goals of the Division; issues brought to the Executive Committee by units or faculty in the Division; requests that involve Division resources that are submitted by individual units, including faculty lines and physical space allocation; resolution of matters presented by individual members of the faculty, staff, or student body that affect more than one unit; collegiate review processes; and use of facilities and space. 

  • Jill Beckman (DWLLC Director and Chair of Committee)
  • Rosie Santo Domingo (DWLLC Administrator)
  • Aron Aji (Program Director, Literary Translation)
  • Cinzia Blum (Departmental rep, French and Italian)
  • Rebecca Clark (ASL)
  • Roxanna Curto (DEO, French and Italian)
  • Sarah Fagan (DEO, Linguistics)
  • Denise Filios (DEO, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Claire Frances (Director, CLCL)
  • Sabine Golz (Program rep, Comparative Literature)
  • Chuanren Ke (Program rep, FLARE)
  • Kirsten Kumpf-Baele (Departmental rep, German)
  • Yumiko Nishi (Departmental rep, Asian and Slavic)
  • Helen Shen (DEO, Asian and Slavic)
  • Giovanni Zimotti (Program rep, Spanish and Portuguese)